Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lily turns 6!

Being in Kindergarten, turning 6 is a big deal.  Lily's first celebration was a Ladybug Walk with her friends.  Lily won a Ladybug walk through Portland Parks and Rec from a photo contest.  Lily invited all the girls from her class and Audrey, Kate, and Cora.  They walked around Wilshire Park with the Naturalist for an hour, then had snacks, made bug catchers, and then had cupcakes.  Wednesday was late start so I took the big girls to Pips for Birthday doughnuts.  Then on her real birthday, Cora and I went to have lunch with her at school.  Then we had a special birthday snack after school with the cousins, followed by the family party.  About 6 parties for turning 6!

Checking out the cool ladybug backpacks the Chrissy, the naturalist, brought.

Waiting for donuts at Pips.  

Lily wanted funfetti cupcakes for her friends and chocolate cake for her family.  

Cora helped me set the table for the family party.  

Lunch in the Alameda Cafeteria.  Lily got to wear this crown all day.  

Birthday snack time

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  1. What a fun set of celebrations! Happy Birthday, Lily!!