Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Visit with Santa 2015

We visited Santa today at the downtown Macy's.  We were the only ones there thanks to the rain and maybe the Timbers parade.  So we were really in the Christmas spirit, we had a special holiday tea at the Heathman Hotel before seeing Santa.

Ready to go.  Lily practicing her curtsy.  

All ready to go, and we are excited.

The Children's tea had cupcakes, cookies, cheese, crackers, goldfish, veggies, pb&j sandwich.  And a homemade marshmellow. 
Children had the choice of hot cocoa or tea.  Cora choose both.  Not really on the menu, but how could the waitress say no.


Cora didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, but she decided to stand next to Santa if she held Lily's hand.   
Tell Santa what is on their list.  Lily wants a bed, pet, and sleeping bag for her American Girl doll that she is sure GG is getting her.  Cora told Santa a long story about wanting a small bunk bed for Layla (her Canadian Girl doll) and a big bunk bed for her and Lily.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cora turns 3!!!

Since Lily's birthday in May, Cora has been telling us her birthday was coming up.  Well, it finally arrived.  It was great because she couldn't remember her 2nd birthday so she had no expectations and was excited by everything.  Thanks to everyone for making it so special.

Party #1:  With cousins down from Bellingham for the Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to start the celebration a little early.  On Sunday, we had 18 people over for brunch including Great Grandpa Darrel, his girlfriend Carol, and Great Grandma Lillybelle.  We did crafts, ate, opened presents, and had cake and ice cream.  Cora was thrilled with her present from Audrey and Kate.  Her very own Boo.
Cora woke up to 3 dozen balloons.  So exciting.  Even at 5am.  
Lily wanted to look fancy for the party so we went shopping and she picked out this outfit.  

All the cousins helping with the presents. 

Lily and Cora give the cake a thumbs up.

Some favorite presents were Layla (her Canadian girl doll), a new rocking chair, and new pjs.  All from GG.  

Grandpa Davey gave Cora some special sand and both Lily and Cora loved it.  

Party 2:  A happy birthday cinnamon roll with Mom and Lily

Party 3:  At Preschool, Teacher Jessica made Cora's day so special.  The whole class made kitty ears and got their faces painted.  They got to have oreos for snack and had a dance party with confetti.  Cora is wearing her new tutu dress from Aunt Sonya.  She loves that it twirls.  

Party 4:  The girls from the bus stop came over after school for cake and ice cream.  Olivia even knitted Cora a hat.