Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shh! Don't tell Lily

We try not to tell Lily about it, because we don't want her to feel like she is missing out, but Cora and I have been having a great time while Lily is in school.  On Tuesday, we went to Oaks Park for their Preschool hour.  There were no lines and we rode every ride, sometimes staying on for a second round.  After every ride, Cora would say "What's next?  What's next?"  She loved it.
This is Betsy.  See previous post from the Tulip field as to why.  

This is the hot air balloon ride that goes really high up.  

Motorcycle ride where Cora drives and I ride in the side car. 

Hood River Fruit Loop

Mark loves a road trip so we decided to take the girls to Hood River for some apple picking.  Our first stop was the Kiyokawa Family Orchard in Parkdale.  We played on the playground, took a hayride, picked apples, and then had a picnic.  Audrey and Kate and their parents then met us there.  Next we stopped at the Gorge White House where we had some drinks and picked flower bouquets.  It was a beautiful day.

I think the girls ate 4 apples that day.  Could be worse I guess.  

Cora's first day of Preschool

After celebrating with Lily, Audrey, and Kate, Cora was excited for her first day of preschool.  She will be going to Preschool for Little Ones through Portland Parks and Recreation.  Its located at the Peninsula Park Community Center where she will go Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-11:30.  There are eight 2 1/2 year olds in the class with teacher Jessica.

Cora with Teacher Jessica

Cora was so excited to go and was great at drop off.  However after about 45 minutes, she decided she missed me.  She sat with Teacher Jessica to write me a note.  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lily's starts Kindergarten

Lily started Kindergarten this week at Alameda Elementary School.  Her teacher is Mrs. Davidson, who was Audrey and Kate teacher.  On Friday, Lily got to go to school and see her classroom and meet Mrs. Davidson.  On Monday, Lily went in the afternoon.  On Tuesday, it was a full day and she got to ride the bus and bring her lunchbox (double decker, just like Kate and Audrey she will tell you.)  And for more firsts, Thursday she decided to eat hot lunch because its pizza day.  She says she plays with friends in her class, although she hasn't learned their names yet.  She has been bringing home lots of worksheets with letters, numbers, and coloring.  She is excited to go every day, but that might have more to do with the bus than school.  I feel like she has grown up 10 years in that last week.
The girls rode their bikes to Pip's Doughnuts in the morning, since it was only a half day for Lily.
Lily says its a new tradition.  

First full day

Waiting for the bus.  Zoom in on Lily's face, she is so excited. 

Lily, Audrey and Kate all shared a seat.  

Getting off the bus.
Neighbor Olivia (5th grader) grabbed Lily's jacket.
Thank goodness for neighbors looking out for you.