Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twisty Slides

We found some new twisty slides this weekend and Lily was impressed. There is a park near our house that has a great slide. We had never been to that park because it is also an equestrian center and Mark forbids Lily to like horses. A great playground though so we will be back.

Big heads

Lily had her 15 month check up on Saturday. We are proud to confirm she too has a big head like her cousins Audrey and Kate. Lily was in the 90th percentile. She is still a petite girl with only 20% for height and weight. She decided to wear her bike helmet inside to protect that large, precious head. The helmet said it was for 3 year olds, but low and behold it fits!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Lily got two new outfits because they were on clearance at Fred Meyer. She is petty excited but them, but they are 24 monthers so you will have to wait until next summer for the fashion show.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Important lesson

Lily wants to remind everyone that once in awhile it is important to stop and smell the flowers (especially if they are lilies!)

Park time with GG

GG is here this week so Lily has been taking her on a tour of all the parks in Anchorage. Te weather has been nice and sunny. The big park news is that Lily's favorite activity might be changing from swinging to sliding. I will keep you posted. Lily is researching her favorite park in Anchorage. We still have about 20 to check out.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Lily has been the most helpful gardener. She pulled off blooms in the front yard. In the backyard, she tasted the dirt to make sure it was good for the plants. Oh so helpful.


We spent the weekend in Talkeetna. Mark had fish to pick up from his trip the week before with a college friend. Lily had lots of fun throwing rocks into the river. Oh and the train went by.

New Toys

Some babies like stuffed animals but Lily found her dad's tape measures and decided they were a lot of fun. Mark is sure she wants to be an engineer.