Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sunny Carcross

Canadian Lily wanted to get back to her roots so we spent the night at the cabin in Carcross. The weather was perfect and we had such a fun time. We were so lucky that Cousin Jacqueline and her boyfriend Tyler could come to. Thanks to Jacqueline for many things including these great photos.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Skagway Fun

No more pretend pianos for Lily
Mowing the lawn with Grandpa
On the little plane from Juneau to Skagway
Walking on the porch

Grandpa made his famous fried chicken and beans.  Lily thought it was delicious.  And for this special occasion, it was served on the fine china.  

Tyler gave Lily a bear dressed up like a moose.  So fun.  
Lily found lots of fun places and Grandpa gave her a marshmellow.

The Big Parade

Lily was a big star in the Skagway parade.  Nicholas, Lily's cousin, pulled her in the wagon.  She waved at everyone and really hammed it up.  They got an honorable mention.  

Making the float

Okay, really it was not a float.  We just decorated the wagon, but it sounds more impressive as a float.  Uncle Matt and Audrey made us a great BBQ dinner.  And after some festive cupcakes, Lily went to sleep or so we thought.  Cousin Jacqueline, Sarah, Audrey and I went out to the garage to decorate.  Lily did not want to miss the fun so she helped us.  Lily had a great time.  Jacqueline is quite fun with bunny blanket and Audrey took some good photos.