Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lily's Kindergarten Concert and Open House

It is hard to believe that Lily is about to finish her first year in elementary school.  Tonight we got to go to the Kindergarten concert and then to her classroom to see everything she has been working on.  Lily was very excited for us to see her school projects.  This morning when getting on the bus, she waved goodbye and then said she would see me at the concert, but I reminded her to come home on the bus after school and then we would go back.  She sure has grown up a lot this year.  Apologies for the camera work.  My assistant kept hanging on my arm.

She tells me this is an oil pastel.  

She is most proud of her report on an oviparous animal.  That's an animal that lays eggs of course.  Every student picked a different animal.  She picked a snake.  She got to make one out of clay and then paint it.  

The snake lives in the grass, eats rats, has scales, and lays its eggs in a pile in the dirt.  

A self portrait.  She is sad because she is falling down.  The artist could not explain more.  

This is a painting of her bedroom.  Two beds, one for her and one for Cora.  Lily is standing in the middle with a mirror.  

Very colorful and some impressive weaving.  It is not a spider web told the artist to her mother.   
A stuffed felt duck that was cut, stuffed and sewn by Lily.  

Something with foil and paint.