Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cavalier

We left Orcas Island for the Oregon Coast. Jill's family has a condo in Gleneden Beach. It was fun to explore with Lily. We played in the sand, found a great park on Devils Lake, went to the Aquarium, swam in the pool, and went out to eat at the Pelican Pub in Pacific City and Mo's in Lincoln City. It was a fantastic trip and yes the brilliant sunshine was wonderful.

Next stop: Orcas Island

Uncle Ralph drove down to Seattle to pick us up. After the park adventure with Rebecca, Lily feel asleep in two minutes. She woke up just in time to drive us on to the ferry. She liked the boat ride and told us it was fun. Uncle Ralph and Aunt Sonya are incredible hosts so it was a fun trip for everyone. Lily got a birthday party every night. We had incredible meals. Mark got to tune the train horn with Uncle Ralph. We talked it up so much, Rebecca had to come up for two days. More photos are coming from Uncle Ralph but I wanted to get these up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rebecca's House

We flew into Seattle with our first stop being Rebecca's house. We are not the best guests because we have a lot of needs. Rebecca had to find a car seat and a pack 'n play. For a hip Seattleite, this was not the easiest task. But resourceful Rebecca got an infant carseat at a consignment shop and borrowed a pack 'n play from a neighbor. Lily had a great time feeding the chickens and watering the garden. We woke Rebecca up at the crack of dawn to start the fun. Somehow Rebecca found a hip and kid friendly breakfast spot that was a block from a cute playground.


Well no surprise, Lily really likes being on vacation. We've been just too busy to update the blog. We will try and find the time in our busy playground schedule. Our flight went fine thanks to a two hour nap and peanut M&Ms.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A visit to the farm

Lily is really into animals so we were excited to take her to Cousin Wyatt and Dawson's farm. We saw horses, petted baby chicks, played with Jasper Cat's mom and fat sisters, smelled stinky pigs, and listened to a very noisy cow. Wyatt made us delicious s'mores and helped Lily drive the tractor. Lily thinks Dawson is hilarious and always tried to imitate him.

New present

For Lily's birthday, she got s sand and water table. After our trip to Hawaii, we knew it who would be a hit. She also is a big fan of the sand table at school. She was a big help to Dad as he put it together. And Dad is nice and always fills it with warm water which is a necessity for a water table in Alaska.

Meeting Cousin Liam

We went down to Homer for the Memorial Day weekend to meet Cousin Liam. He was really cute and sweet. He seemed like a perfect angel but Mom and Dad say he is up sometimes at odd hours. Lily and Elsa had a great time playing. Sorry no photos of Liam. The girls kept us too busy to get any photos of the sweet sleeping boy.