Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa, please bring more wipes!

You would think with all these new presents Lily would be very entertained. Sometimes. But there is nothing more fun than a box of wipes left unattended.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hungry anyone?

Lily has been cooking up a storm. GG sent Lily a bright red kitchen for Christmas. And lucky Lily it was the day before Thanksgiving when it arrived and Uncle Matt was in town. So how long does it take to put together a little red kitchen? Two civil engineers, 1 bottle of Scotch, and 2 hours. Lily woke up very early to call GG to say thank you.

Christmas already?

Since we won't be in Anchorage Christmas morning, as Santa's helpers (the postman, UPS, and Fed Ex) have delivered packages, we have let Lily open them. Its been fun all month long.

Christmas PJs

The cousins won't be together on Christmas morning but I thought it would be fun if they had matching PJs. What darling models.


It was warm today so we thought we would try a little sledding. A friend at Mom's work lent her a sled. Lily enjoyed only the first half of the outing so we will try again.