Thursday, November 6, 2014

Big City Living

We were excited to take advantage of all the fun kids activities in the big city. 

After dropping Mark at the airport, we went to Spark's Art Center.  There was finger painting. 

Lily made some "designs" she says. 

Something crazy with pipets, a salad spinner, and coffee filters. 

Cora liked the stamping.  

On Tuesday we went to the library and our favorite self serve yogurt and topping place.  On Wednesday, we went to the bounce house.  They both loved it.  Even the big slides.  Then we went to Nana's for milkshakes. 

And today, the Children's museum.  Lily played with the kitties and the doggies. 

Cora loved the grocery store. 

And she could have spent a lot more at the water station.  But, I think over 3 hours at the museum was long enough. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

This Halloween lasted a whole week and stretched across two states.  It was a lot of fun.  Lily never wore the same costume twice and Cora would not wear a costume.  Funny girls. 
Uncle Ralph sent us a recipe so we made some ghost cookies. 

At the Skagway Rec Center, Lily went as Ariel. 

Lily with Lyla, the witch, a friend from school 

Preschool friends

Cora did not get to go because it was nap time, but she did like the prize Lily picked out. 

We trick or treated at Cousin Laurens.  Cora would not wear a costume, but liked the candy. 

And we stopped at Uncle Matt's.  Notice the empty candy bowl.  The girls took it all.  We also stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's but I need to get the photos from Grandpa. 
Now to the pumpkin patch in Oregon. 

We trick or treated at Grandpa Davey and Judy's house. 
We went to the Halloween Party at GG's School. 

Cora liked Judy's hat. 

We had dinner at Audrey and Kate's house.
The whole trick or treat crew. 
Dinner was mummy dogs, banana ghosts, and oranges. 
Kate made Cora a kitty. 
Kate shared her face paint with everyone. 
Lily told everyone she was a ballerina.