Saturday, October 4, 2014


Jacqueline wanted to go to Atlin for the weekend, and the surprising thing was that she wanted to go with us.  Yes, we are entertaining but leave a lot of crumbs and wake up early among other things.  But we had a great time.  The fall colors were beautiful, the cabin was amazing, and we ate a lot of good food.

PS:  You might be thinking "wow, she never puts anything on the blog anymore."  Well, when you travel with Jacqueline she also takes the photos.  Every last one of these.  I would blog if someone would take the photos.  

Road side pit stop

To play ponies on the bumper

But not everyone thought we should get back in.  Granted she just puked.  But not to worry, Jacqueline was quick and caught it all in the bag.  I tell you, its great to travel with Jacqueline. 

Good times jumping on the bed

More ponies with chocolate milk mustaches, Lily that is, not the ponies.

Downtown Atlin.  Really not much there.  The boat and the foot path.  And a small grocery store that made us appreciate the Fairway Market, but we did find princess gummies there. 

Those are the princess gummies. 

Jacqueline made a cake for Lily to decorate.  Lily ate her piece in two seconds.  It was amazing. 

Someone sucked, not ate, her blue pretzel M&M.  This is what happens. 

We made mud pies at the beach.

And found a teepee to play in

You know its a vacation when you get to eat and drink in bed.